Health & Safety

Management of Pivot is committed to the health and safety of its employees.

At Pivot, we place the utmost importance on the health, safety, the environment and the well-being of our workforce who may be affected by our work. It is senior management’s responsibility to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy working environment as a right for all our workers.

We have developed a Health & Safety Program to promote workplace safety and control unsafe working conditions. The Health & Safety Program promotes specific health and safety training for all employees, and is designed to monitor the workplace for compliance with legislative requirements and attain best operating practices at all times.

We require all our team members to participate, initiate and provide feedback on health and safety objectives that ensure our organization continues to meet our goals of continuous improvement.

The success of our organization depends on our reputation to provide a quality product and service in a safe and timely manner. Health and safety must be incorporated into all facets of our operations.

Through open lines of communication, objective discussions and cooperation between workers, supervisors, management, the Worker Health and Safety Representative and other outside parties, our objectives of a workplace free of hazards, injury and illness can and will be achieved.


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